beyond the speedtest

free open source IP connection measurement tools


Know whether your connection is good enough for teleconferencing

Windows app to continuously monitor the quality of an internet connection. Helps find the best room in the house for wifi or whether your zoom session from your hotel room is going to work.

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starlinkstatus client

Windows, Mac, and Linux clients to contribute data on the quality of your Starlink connection to a worldwide near realtime map. This software is not needed to view the map; that can be done from a browser by clicking the link below. 

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Track Starlink status

Python nerds only

cloudflarepycli - python CLI and python class for retrieving user's realtime performance statistics.

Retrieve near-term performance data about the service provided to a user by an ISP. The data includes up and download speeds, latency, and jitter. The CLI makes it possible to pipe the data to other processes for possible uploading, analysis etc. and/or to build a GUI for displaying current and past data. The module is useful for varying the types of test that are done.

To install from PyPI, type pip install cloudflarecpycli in the python environments you want to use.