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zoomready introduction

Zoomready runs only on Windows and has only been tested with Windows 10. Most people leave zoomready running all the time. That way you can look to see how your IP connection has been performing over time. If there is a freeze while you're on a teleconference, you can quicly look at zoomready and determine whether it is your internet connection or someone else's which is causing the problem.

Useful links

basic documentation

release notes

cheat sheet for better understanding the zoomready display

use Github to report bugs or make suggestions for improvement

zoomready GNU General Public License v3.0

blog post with zoomready backstory

Installing zoomready

There are three ways to install zoomready as an app on your Windows machine.  The simplest is to  download and run the setup program . However, for security reasons, some people prefer not to run setup programs. If you prefer, you can simply  download zoomready.exe  itself. Then third option is to download the Python source from Github. The Python option is only recommended for those who are familair with Python environments on Windows machines.

If you download either the setup program or zoomready.exe, there is good chance that your virus protector will warn you that this an "unrecognized app" with a warning something like this:

To bypass this warning, click "more info". That will get you a screen which looks like this:

Verify that the publisher is "Tom Evslin" and then click "Run anyway".

Installing with setup

click here:

Download setup

Your browser will ask you to confirm the download. Once the download completes, click on downloaded zoomreadysetup.exe to begin the setup process. Setup will ask you to confirm your agreement with the license: basically you can do whatever you want with the code but there is absolutely no warranty of any kind.  Setup will also ask whether you want a desktop shortcut and where you want the program saved. The default is fine for both of these.